The Light of Connection

In today’s rapidly changing world, do you feel stressed, pressured, and overwhelmed with too many demands and responsibilities?
Does your mind go around and around with the same thoughts and repeated scenarios? Do you wish your life could be different than it is, but nothing seems to change?
It may even be hard for you to relax, and when you do, you sit in front of a television or cell phone, to tune out as a form of relaxation?

Using our life and time this way does not really nurture us, or create the changes we desire within…

Is your real longing inside for deep peace and change in your life?

There is a place inside filled with a beautiful light that we can learn to connect into, a light which deeply feeds and fills all the places of our real needs. It is more deeply nurturing than you can imagine.

This light provides you with deep peace, love, and mercy for ourselves (especially for the places where we have been beating ourselves up or living from anger or regret). It brings ease to our life. It brings healing for our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues.

Your mind quiets when you are in your spiritual heart.
There is deep peace.  In the quiet or your heart, you will also find the solutions to your “problems.”

By opening and receiving Divine Light, a new space is created to start living from. When you spend time each day with this light-even if only for 15 minutes beautiful changes will begin to happen in your life.

Stress injures our health. Physicians have recommended meditation to more than 6 million patients. Studies have shown the benefits are:

Greater Overall Balance and Health

Lowering of Blood Pressure

Reduces Depression

Reduction in Pain

Better Sleep

Reduction in Anxiety

Lowers Stress

Brings Clarity to Thinking

Quiets the Mind

Cultivates a Sense of Peace, with Less Frustration and Anger

Increases Self Love and Forgiveness

Strengthens the Immune System

Cultivates Greater Happiness, Joy, and Contentment

Special teaching rates are available for businesses who would like to have instruction made available to their employees. They can have happier employees who are more productive and focused. I hope you will initiate this with your employer or HR department.

Learning this technique is easier than you can imagine.

Time is moving much quicker than it ever did. Why wait? Take the step now for bettering your life by scheduling a session today.

Sessions in-person or by zoom.

1 ¼ hours. $90.00 for long lasting change