You are invited to learn a form of meditation that is deeply healing for your heart, mind, emotional wounds, and physical ailments. It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. It fosters the feeling of deep peace inside. It quiets our noisy mind. Voices of negativity reduce, and beliefs that have held us back or that have created suffering in our lives, begin to heal. This practice helps peace, love, guidance, and better health become a part of your life.

This is an easy form of meditation that is centered or focused on the heart –where the source of love resides, and where we can feel compassion, mercy, peace, and more. You will learn how to align and open your heart energy center to receive from the One Divine Source, and how to connect to your own inner divine presence (the higher nature of who we really are). The beauty, love, holiness and mercy that is within you, and is who you really are, begins to be experienced. It is a powerful and very ancient spiritual practice pre-dates organized religion. 

This practice opens, purifies and heals the heart, in a space where Divine energy is present. We all have hearts that carry walls, pains, and misconceptions. The walls are veils that keep us from our higher nature, and put us on a continual loop of suffering. This practice brings in Divine energy to heal our wounded hearts and souls. It fosters the deepest level of healing because it is from the highest divine source, no matter what religion or belief system you follow –there is only one God.

This form of meditation is a powerful life changing tool that provides deep healing and connects you to the One Source. It is a powerful and loving way to transform your life.

Physicians have recommended meditation to more than 6 million patients. Stress injures our health.

Some of the Benefits shown through Studies:
Lowers Blood Pressure                                          Brings in higher guidance, insight and awareness
Reduces Depression                                              Produces greater Happiness, Joy, Abundance
Reduces Pain                                                         Strengthens the Immune System
Detoxifies                                                                Strengthens the Energy Field of Your Body
Helps Heart Disease                                               Increases Self Love and Forgiveness
Better Sleep                                                            Quiets the mind
Lowers Anxiety                                                       Brings a Sense of Peace
Lowers Stress                                                         Brings Clarity to the Mind


For those who choose to take the practice even deeper, you can learn to broaden the practice of remembrance to include Divine attributes or qualities such as love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and more. With practice, your connection continues to deepen and these qualities grow in you. You become the vessel of not only feeling these things for yourself, but also being able to offer them to others. Your prayers become deeper and more easily heard; your guidance opens.

Other teachings that I offer, include helping people to discern the different voices they are listening to, so that we can live from a higher consciousness and live in more awareness. You begin to make wiser choices in your life when you begin to discover the underlying beliefs that are really motivating you.

These are some of the tools you can begin to learn so your life can truly blossom. The door is open for you to build your relationship with a higher Divine Being, discover the greater meaning behind your life experiences, discover your life’s purpose, and deeply enrich your life.

 There are many forms of meditation. Some are more focused on the mind, but the mind cannot feel. It is like a data bank producing thoughts and ideas. The heart is the house of God and the source of where we feel love and all the other Divine qualities such as peace, mercy, compassion, strength, etc.

How this meditation practice is taught

I offer individual sessions, for $85.00. I also teach meditation in a group setting, to people of all walks of life, other healers who want to deepen their skills, and to businesses. It is offered as a 2 part class on varying Saturdays.

In the first class, you will: Be guided on how to rest your awareness in your heart, giving you freedom from the busy mind. Receive the roadmap and knowledge on how to connect to the One Source. Receive tools for being more balanced, centered, peaceful and grounded.

Second class: Deepens your practice, learn more tools for greater benefit

Review. Receive support to deepen and refine your practice. Introduction to spiritual healings-have wounding transformed through Divine names and qualities.

Learn how to polish the rust off your heart and create a new way of being.

Have a Life That is Transformed

Classes are held on varying Saturdays each month, from 10:30 to 12:30

176 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 204, Upper level of Ambers Professional Center

Class fee: $45.00 first session, $35.00 second session. Register in Advance

For information about dates, to register in advance, or be added to the email list for upcoming events, you can send an email from the contact page to to find out about upcoming dates,  to register,  I can also be reached at 410-967-1773



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