We all live reacting from hurt places inside ourselves on a continual basis. Every human needlessly suffers to different extents with beliefs that we are not good enough, not lovable, not valued, don’t matter, not seen or heard, to name only few. We exist in a life of feeling sadness, pain, regret, anger and depression.   Most of us live unconsciously from these places of reaction to the hurt and limiting beliefs. These memories and wounds affect the entire quality of our life: our relationship with our self, and our relationships with others. They shape and define our reality and our response to the world. Sometimes we are more acutely aware of our deepest wounds as life circumstances happen that bring our awareness to them. At other times they are there in the background.

We all have the same needs: to be fully accepted, validated and unconditionally loved. We reach out to the outside world for the satisfaction we are longing for rather than going within and beginning with ourselves. Every healing modality and system of medicine has recognized that lasting healing and true change must first begin within oneself, rather than trying to change that which is outside of us. The most important factor is the one most often left out of the equation: the experience of love within our heart. Every culture throughout history has acknowledged that the heart is at the center of our being—physically, emotionally and spiritually. According to the principles of Chinese Medicine it said that the heart is the only organ that feels, and that it is responsible for circulating our consciousness and feelings throughout our body in much the same way as the brain and nervous system circulate our reactive responses.


We blame the outer world ––others in our life, and say they are a result of our circumstances, rationalizing our issues away.  We create stories we believe about our lives We try to avoid really doing something about our feelings by suppressing them, avoiding them, denying them. We use different coping mechanisms, trying our best to make them go away. We get frustrated with life, and nothing seems to change. Most people fear that it would be too uncomfortable to deal with, and therefore perpetuating the issue. These feelings need our attention: to be recognized, cared for and loved.

The fear of confronting these places stop us dead in our tracks by believing they would be too painful—is very far from the truth, when you experience witnessing them from the place and energy of mercy and compassion that comes through the heart, from the one divine source of healing.

You can only heal from the heart—you cannot really deeply heal from the mind. We try to understand and to heal our feelings with our mind, but the mind only has a limited understanding.

Have you tried other methods of healing? Most times, as much as you would like, (you and your life) your life doesn’t change and your reactions to life events don’t seem to change either. Many people feel like their life is stuck in a rut. Maybe you have been expecting others or the outer world to change.

The truth is, it is our inner ourselves who need to change and then it becomes reflected in the outer world. This can only happen through the heart.

 These underlying emotions can even cause physical dis-ease. There is an emotional component to all disease that is almost always overlooked. For example, heart disease, the number one killer, is based around issues of love. (More physicians are starting to recognize this). Or we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, ending up with shoulder and neck pain.

In my 27 years as a healer, I have heard the deep heart-felt stories of many people and I have been able to help them. After trying many different methods of healing for myself, it was only through learning how to working with divine energy that my life began to change.

Are you tired of having the same dysfunctional relationships with others and with yourself. Are you tired of feeling the way you do? Does it feel like your life stuck and it is like the same old gerbil wheel going round and round.

In this method of healing work, we get to the core quickly, where it creates the fastest and deepest change by working with Divine energy.

You may share my belief that we are here to grow spiritually and the Universe is showing us we need to heal to grow towards God: for our soul to learn lessons.   It is God who is showing us where we have gone off-course and Gods energy that creates the healing. Even if you do not believe this, you will never know if this method of healing works and if there is really something to it, if you don’t try it. these feelings long to be healed: to be recognized, delved into, and transformed. From a higher reality, these places within and experiences of our lives, are created and show us where we and our soul need to heal for its evolution. The places create veils that prevent us from feeling love, mercy, compassion, peace.

From a higher reality, these places within and experiences of our lives, are placed here for us to learn and evolve from. They hold lessons for us and inside them are diamonds and jewels. Working in this way polishes the mirror of the heart and removes the rust.

Divine Transformation Healings come through the heart, allowing love to heal.


  • Sacred transformation healing is effective for transforming our stuck patterns so you can have a much more rewarding and fulfilling life.
  • Heals our emotions, reactions, and physical illness.
  • These healings provide a feeling of deep peace.
  • They polish the rust or veils off of our hearts.
  • Through these healings you can experience and learn to see the beautiful gifts you carry, and begin to live from a new place.
  • You find the truth of who God created you to be.
  • You deepen your connection to the One Source.
  • You begin to live in real love, peace, beauty, and happiness.
  • Sacred transformation healings mend the wounds in our heart and our soul.
  • These healings transform the limiting beliefs and the hurt places inside ourselves that we habitually act from on a daily basis.
  • Divine transformation healings bring about profound change very rapidly.. They shift our ideas and beliefs that we created when events happened in our life that deeply wounded us.
  • They get to the core quicker and heal at a deeper level.
  • Spiritual healing brings greater insight.

During a healing you feel a profound difference as you allow the light of the Divine and the Divine qualities such as peace, love, and mercy to come into the hurt places and wounds and transform them. After a healing, you feel a deep sense of closeness to the one Source, as well as inner peace and expansiveness.

If you are tired of carrying around the same old issues and beliefs, there is help for what you are seeking. You are finally in the right place.

Contact me now to learn more about how I can help you with your specific needs, so that together we can make lasting changes to get lasting results. You owe it to yourself.

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Contact me now to learn more about how I can help you with your specific needs, so that together we can make lasting changes to get lasting results. You owe it to yourself.