Wellness is an overall state of “well-being.” Well-being is not just the absence of pain and disease. Wellness extends into every category of life. Six of the ten “dimensions of wellness” are: social, occupational, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental.

acupunctureFor many articles about what true wellness is, and an assessment of your own wellness for you to use in evaluating your own life, visit www.DefinitionofWellness.com   You will get a more complete picture of the areas of our lives recognized to constitute true health how to have a more fulfilling life.

You will also find that wellness is an active process that is fostered by becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence. I help my clients to move toward their highest good and to see themselves with more mercy.

Illness can arise from an imbalance in any of these dimensions of wellness. There is a well known philosophy that  most disease is caused by lifestyle choices.

My philosophy is to evaluate a person’s needs and then to suggest the best, quickest and deepest way for you to heal. I offer to you different modalities that will suit different needs. In my practice, wellness is offered to you through the modalities of : Acupuncture, Sacred Transformation Healings, and Hijama (sacred cupping). They can be combined or used separately.